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Mitzvah Day

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It was the 5th day of Passover. It was also a mitzvah (good deed) day. My stress level was maxed out. Little did I know, however, it was also a mitzvah day. Everyone needs one of these once in awhile to make up for our “naughty” days. 

Yesterday was a bummer. I’d eaten something at lunch that disagreed with my delicate stomach. Nausea, chills, sweats dominated the rest of the afternoon and night. My sleep was restless, though a sleeping pill helped. 

The birds were chirping outside the window at 5:00 a.m. So much for rest. Time to get the day started. By 7:45 a.m. my brisket was in the oven. A much needed hot shower and breakfast, consisting of scrambled eggs and a small piece of sponge cake, followed. At 10:00 a.m. I started the prep for butternut squash soup. 

The phone rang. No name came up on caller ID and the number wasn’t familiar. I let the call go to voice mail. A message was left. It was probably a junk call. 

Weekly, since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, I call a few elderly ladies to check on their welfare. Wouldn’t you know, the call was from one of them.

She wasn’t feeling well due to a reaction from her second COVID-19 vaccine. Her bursitis was also acting up. Additionally, she needed food for Shabbat and the last day of Passover, just a few things. Did I know anyone who could shop for her?

Oh dear. I didn’t want to deal with this. I’d been awake since 4 a.m., and up and down the stairs a zillion times already with Passover pots and pans. After a minute or so, I called her back. Her “few things” included chicken, chicken soup, frozen vegetables (for Passover), seltzer and bananas. She had applesauce and potatoes. 

Honestly, I did not want to make another grocery store run. I’d gone twice already that week. Plus, it was Thursday, the busiest day at the kosher supermarket. 

Fortunately, we had an uncooked chicken and an extra quart of soup in the freezer. I told her I didn’t have the other items, though I, too, needed bananas. I’d see what I could do and get back to her.

After we hung up, I remembered the Baltimore Jewish Rummage Facebook group of which I’m a member. With nothing to lose, I posted a request for seltzer and frozen vegetables. Within minutes, two strangers replied. One had seltzer. The other had multiple bags of frozen vegetables. She even offered to drive over and drop off whatever I needed. That would save me a trip. 

Soon after, a neighbor offered to donate a bottle of seltzer. She left it AND a bag of frozen broccoli and cauliflower on her porch. She also offered to throw in dessert. This left the bananas, and since my husband was going out anyway… He’d get some for this lady and some for us. 

Later that afternoon, I packed up everything and drove it over to the lady’s apartment. She met me downstairs, and I gave her the box of food. My mitzvah for the day was done. 

I don’t know about you, but all the “mitzvah points” earned are welcome. So, G-d up there in heaven, please remember today’s good deed on my Judgment Day!

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