you tugged on my heartstrings
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You tugged
on my heartstrings
walking your daughter 
down the aisle 
with pride and joy

And again, 
your speech, 
delivered with poise 
and grace 
tugged on my heartstrings. 

It was more than a speech 
it was a song
of your dedication 
and love as a father

A love song, 
funny and smart,
that filled me with love 
for you 
and all that you are

Your kindness, courage 
and perseverance, 
not just in that moment, 
but all the moments 
it took to get there

For being a role model
for your children, 
creating safety and stability
and giving them
and wings.

BRAVO, a standing ovation,
a lifetime achievement.

I will never forget 
those moments 
when you shown bright 
and beautiful 
when you tugged on my 
made my heart 
and so many others present 
sing for you 
and with you. 

Mazal Tov!

P.S. Daddy would have cried happy tears and been so proud, (and is smiling from his place in heaven) as we all were.

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