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Dad and Linda: 30th Anniversary

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In ’65 it all began –
Marriage #1
where Linda and my father bore
a daughter and a son.

While that marriage had its up and downs,
you really can’t deny
if it wasn’t for the two of them,
there would me no sister and I

In another place not far away,
Stuart had a similar start. 
He tried his hand at marriage
but that one also fell apart.

Both divorced in the early ’70s
but not for very long.
In ’71 Stuart tried again,
and in ’75 so did my mom.

If at once you don’t succeed
sounded like a pretty good plan;
but for these two that wasn’t enough
they had to try again.

Stuart had a daughter in the years 
Of marriage #2.
The years together were a gift to the 3
but it fell apart as the daughter grew.

Now the 80s marked the end
of both marriage #2s.
Alone again and on the market 
were these 2 wandering Jews.

One fateful night both out with friends,
enduring the single social life,
these two ‘kids’ had no idea they’d soon become
husband and wife.

After a few years of dating each other, 
they realized this was IT;
and in 1993 
the two of them got hitched.

Now as you read this you might think
Really, not again?
But they are proof to never give up 
because this partnership has no end.

30 years they’ve been together, 
longer than most I know.
30 years has made them stronger.
Their love continues to grow.

I’ve never seen my mother as happy 
as she has been all these years.
Three is a charm, I see
through all the laughter and the tears.

Love, Geoff

Mom & Stuart

Grateful you two met and brought Meredith into my life. I was able to introduce her to Johnny and as a result, you got Sydney. All from a simple encounter that blossomed into the most loving marriage. Thank you both for sharing that love with us and showing us what is important in living a good life.


Dear Linda, You know that I think my dad is the BEST dad and human in the world. When I hear him say, “Meredith Miller,” at the beginning of a phone call or voice message, it makes me happier than almost anything. His happiness means the world to me. Thirty years ago, my dad said, “I do,” to his person, you. You were and are the perfect person for my dad. Your laugh is infectious; it lights up a room. You light up my dad’s life with your humor and your laughter. You are beautiful, Linda. I don’t think you see it or believe it. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. I mean you are a beautiful person on the outside. You are stunning, with make up or without. More importantly, you are a beautiful human. You are good, you are kind, supportive, accepting, loving, compassionate, empathetic. You are smart, hard-working, appreciative, and positive.  My dad sees all these things and even more even when you don’t. You have given your whole heart to my dad and loved him through the good and happy times and many, many painful times. You see my dad’s physical pain and his enormous strength of body, mind, heart, and soul. You have seen it all, and through it, you have given all of your support, your constant companionship, your beautiful ability to find humor to somehow endure the pain. I am repeating myself, but I want you to deeply and truly understand my love for you and my appreciation of every second you have been there for Dad, for me, and for my children. Thank you, Linda, for giving me a big sister and brother, and for being a second mom, and grandmother to Nicholas and Sydney. I am so glad that you found your person in my dad, and that you have known a true love so deep. Your happiness also means the world to me, and I will be forever grateful to you and always there for you, for all of my life. Happy 30th anniversary! I LOVE YOU! Love, Meredith

Dear Dad, You don’t know how happy I am when I just hear your voice and imagine your kind eyes and smile. You are everything to me and everything I aspire to be. I will be forever thankful for your marriage to Linda for so many reasons, but mostly because you are happy, so incredibly happy and so loved. (And because I got the siblings I never had, and ultimately I got a husband and miracle child through that connection.) Happy 30th anniversary, Dad! I LOVE you!

Warmest wishes on your 30th anniversary milestone.
You danced down the aisle and then waltzed through the decades together.
Being with the one you love is the most important prize in life. It’s the true purpose of our existence.
May that extend beyond the boundary of our finite world..
I want you both to know that I appreciate our relationship very much.
Stuart, you almost replaced dad. You have his voice and sometimes tell me to,”rest up”  just like
Dad would have said to me. It’s very comforting to hear that. Linda, you are the sister I never had.
We’ve got to start walking again!
I love you both.


Stuart is one of those rare individuals that is comfortable in all circumstances. I’ve admired what he has accomplished for many decades ever since he was an actor in Forest Park school plays. He has a brilliant mind which when coupled with confidence of speaking before large groups of people couldn’t help but to guarantee success in life. Stuart never knew the service he did me while we were at University of Maryland College park at the same time — he was in grad school. I was very uncomfortable at College Park and having one’s brother there gave me a lot of moral support. I’m grateful to Linda for recognizing how special Stuart is and being his companion through thick and thin when many other marriages fail. I wasn’t so lucky.


30 years of doing anything is impressive. I haven’t even lived 30 years yet (I hope saying that doesn’t make you feel old). 30 years of marriage is always impressive, and your love story is different than most since you met later in life. Thank you both for all the time we have spent together over the years and all the conversations we have had. Congratulations on this milestone and many years of happiness you have spent together. 


Dear Linda and Stuart:

After The Sun published a piece of mine about an incident that involved love, betrayal and forgiveness, I received a letter that really caught my attention. In fact, it astounded me. It was from you, Stuart, sent from Linda’s computer.

You remembered an interaction you and I had had 68 years earlier. You recalled that I was struggling with some problem then, and that you felt empathy for me.

Empathy is the deepest part of your nature and your character, Stuart. And from the contacts I’ve had with Linda, she’s on that same empathy wavelength. Maybe that’s why the two of you connected: you saw and felt that in one another.

I always look forward to our conversations, which occur like clockwork every Sunday unless vacations, ball games, or natural disasters get in the way. Our discussions are nostalgic, illuminating and always fun. Sometimes we’re each other’s shrink, sometimes we tell stories. We never talk about politics or world events. One time we discussed taxes for an hour and both of us felt shame about that, regretting that we’d blown the chance to talk about what really matters: the routines of daily life, what it feels like to be aging, what it feels like to be human. 

I recall with special gratitude that when I came to Baltimore in December 2021, you, Stuart, picked me up at my hotel and drove us to your home, where I met Linda. We spent the next six or seven hours together, chatting, eating, laughing, and then more chatting. It was a memorable day. 

The two of you are as warm, gracious, open, welcoming and funny as anyone could possibly be, and I wish you both much love and continued happiness. 

Your friend,


Congratulations on 30 years of marriage! The day of your wedding was a magical day because it created a lot of future happiness when you joined your families together. I am happy and blessed to now be a part of this unified family. Wishing you many more years of happiness. God Bless!


Stuart and Linda, 

Your love and understanding for one another has been an inspiration for me in my life. My marriage to Geoff brought me so much joy and a relationship and a family that  I will always be grateful for.

The love, kindness, gentleness and ease of your connection taught me what I truly wanted in my life… as I have shared with Linda so many times…  to find my Stuart And through your model of what it is to be truly connected… I have. Happy 30th anniversary to the most beautiful couple
Love you both, Jillian 

From my unique perspective, I am grateful to call Stuart and Linda “friends.” Their long and happy marriage is a blessing to all. -Carol

What can I say about my dear friends? Oh, I know; if not for me, they wouldn’t be celebrating this anniversary. I suggested (actually I strongly insisted) that we go to a single’s discussion group. Linda didn’t want to go but I begged. You know the rest. That was the night Linda and Stuart met. I never saw a more perfect couple. I love them both so much and look forward to celebrating future anniversaries. XOXO Ruthie

Dear Grandma and Grandpa Stuart,

Your love is truly magical and pure and such a lovely model of love to look up to! Cheers to 30 incredible years together! I love you both so much! 

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  1. Happy. Anniversary Linda. Stuart you have one great wife, maybe one day we will meet. The poem at the beginning is fantastic

  2. Happy anniversary to you both. You are peas and carrots, PB&J, bagels and cream cheese. If two people were meant to be together, it is you. Love you both

    1. I LOVE this adorable response. I thought I’d posted you, but it’s not showing, so I’m doing it now. If it’s a rerun, foregive me. Our website was changed, and not everything was captured. Love, Aunt Lina

  3. Happy anniversary to you both. You are peas and carrots, PB&J, bagels and cream cheese. If two people were meant to be together, it is you. Love you both!