Chanukah miracles
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Chanukah Miracles

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Chanukah miracles
Chanukah light.
In all my friends’ windows
the candles shine bright.

As I ride down the street
in my car, they appear. 
They say “listen and see;
miracles happen here.”

We light up the darkness
bright as can be
for long ago miracles
our people did see.

In each home I pass by 
with candles aflame
I wonder about the miracles
those people could name.

Do you have a story, 
a miracle to share? 
Did you visit a sad friend,
bring a smile to show you care?

Did you help a friend in need, 
a friend oh so dear?
Did you daven for something special 
that suddenly appeared?

Each mitzvah makes
the Chanukah licht*
shine oh so bright.
Let’s be like the Maccabee’s 
and light up the night.

So email me your stories.
In a book, I’ll write them down
to remind us of the miracles
and blessings all around.

Chanukah miracles
shining so bright.
If you were a candle
how would you 
bring forth the light?


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