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Always My Valentine

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You have been my Valentine
for over 30 years.
We’ve lived, and loved and laughed
and also shed some tears.

You were always there for me
during my college years,
encouraging when I was feeling dumb,
allaying all my fears.

At my college graduation,
you stood up on the stage.
You gave me my diploma.
Forty-seven was my age!

Better late than never
for education and for love.
I’ve always been so grateful
to the Big Guy up above.

But sometimes life can hand you
a bowl of sour lemons;
like when you had your right-side stroke
and we had to learn new lessons.

Exercise and bathing,
preparing all your food,
helping you at bedtime,
and dressing you: I did good!

I continue to do the laundry
but I have no “laundry man”
to bring the clean clothes up the stairs.
So I have to do it: Damn!

Now I have to feed the kitties.
I also scoop their poop.
I know I’m not as good as you,
but they know I’ll have to do!

Yet every day you’re getting better:
Learning how to walk and work;
making more improvements,
almost like Captain Kirk!

In spite of all the tsuris
And sadness that’s ensued,
Just know you’re still my Valentine
Always will I LOVE YOU!

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  1. Linda, this is such a beautiful Valentine’s Day poem! I’m sure your hubby really enjoyed it. ❤️

  2. This is so beautiful, Linda, it touches my heart! Glad you two are valentines and that Stuart continues to improve! ❤️

    1. Thx, Maryanne. We were just so lucky to have met each other. Each of us had been married twice before. Third time was a charm.💞

  3. Linda, I love your writings; but, this one is the best. Everything rhymes and it’s beautiful. I love you and Stuart so much. Keep writing and loving. XOXO