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A Different World: Shut Down Town

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Part One

I’m enjoying my time at home
“cause now I have no place to roam.

The “coronavirus” has come to town!
Our world’s population is really down.

A nasty virus making people ill.
Some are dying and it’s not their will.

It’s taken over our city and state
and all the countries and our world to date.

Almost everything in town is now closed:
restaurants, movies, schools, malls and shows.

The only things open are very few:
food stores, gas, banks, and pharmacies, too.

“Please stay home” is what we’re told.
This is a move that is really bold.

We have no idea how long it will be
till we see our friends and our family.

This disease worries me more than you know.
It needs to stop and never ever grow.

Doctors and researchers work day and night
to keep us safe from this viral fright.

They have no clue when it will all end.
Safely we need to exit this trend.

Now, I am home except when I work,
or go food shopping, a very nice perk.

May the coronavirus leave us soon
so normalcy replaces our gloom!

Part Two

They have now started to open each state.
The leader determines the exact date.

Some stores will open, but only a few;
ten people inside with employees, too.

Restaurants are still to remain shut down;
unless they have tables out on the ground.

No one can visit a nursing home
as the elderly are much more prone

to become sick and possibly die
causing their friends and family to cry.

As each state opens in slow motion
all of us show a ton of emotion.

Glad to be getting back to our ways
of business, shopping, and kids at play.

No one knows if it’ll be the same;
but we all just want to win this game!

Everyone needs to be safe and stay well.
Quite a story to grandchildren we’ll tell.

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  1. This poem captures the feeling and the mood of the nation during these unprecedented times. Very moving