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Empower Your Voice: Share your life stories, lessons and adventures with a community that understands and cherishes the beauty of your experiences.


Connect & Thrive: Forge new friendships and connections with like-minded senior ladies who value the richness of life and believe that age is just a number.


Supportive Community: Join a judgment-free zone where you can share your thoughts, joys and challenges. Receive encouragement from a community that truly cares. We have an exclusive Facebook Group where writers are able to post drafts of their work and get feedback and encouragement from others in the group.


Inspiring Insights: Discover heartwarming tales, expert advice and uplifting content tailored to your unique interests and passions.

Unveil the Art of Crafting Irresistible Prose in Just Six Weeks!

Are you ready to elevate your writing from mere words to captivating artistry? Join us for a transformative journey spanning six weeks, where you'll master the art of refining and enhancing your prose into a polished and compelling masterpiece.


Unearth the Power of Your Words: Your stories and insights hold immense significance, and it's time to unveil their true potential. Learn the techniques to harness the magic within your words and share them with the world in a way that leaves hearts touched and minds captivated.


Guidance Beyond Words: Our expert-led classes provide more than just lessons – they're a voyage into the realm of storytelling mastery. Explore nuances that turn your narratives into gems that shimmer with brilliance.


A Writing Community Unlike Any Other: As the course concludes, the journey doesn't have to end. Elevate your passion by becoming a valued member of our vibrant writing community. Share your progress, exchange ideas and continue to grow under the wings of fellow wordsmiths.


Nominal Fee, Infinite Value: The journey doesn't have to conclude unless you want it to. For a nominal fee, you can choose to immerse yourself in our enriching writing community, where creativity knows no bounds.


Your Prose, Perfected: Imagine the satisfaction of holding polished, evocative prose that beckons readers into its embrace. With our guidance, your writing will become a testament to your dedication and the artistry you've embraced.


Don't miss this chance to illuminate your writing journey with the radiance it deserves. Join us today and discover the world where words wield the power to inspire, captivate and transform.

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Meet your instructor

Holli Friedland, originally hailing from the charming town of Cumberland, MD, has been a dedicated Baltimore resident for many years. Her educational journey led her to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications from Towson University and a Master of Arts in Publications Design from the University of Baltimore. Holli's extensive teaching background encompasses a range of experiences, from instructing young adults in secretarial and word processing skills at trade schools to providing software training to business professionals. Currently, she is sharing her expertise in the realm of blogging.

For more than three decades, Holli has carved out a successful career as a freelance writer and graphic designer. Her venture, Social Squids, has enabled her to pursue her passions in a professional context. In recent years, she expanded her skill set by incorporating social media management into her impressive repertoire.

Holli's love for animals led her to publish "Petsaver," a magazine dedicated to the welfare of pets, specifically emphasizing rescue and care (now reincarnated as a website Her compassion for creatures extended to running a rescue and adoption service for reptiles and amphibians, a mission she wholeheartedly served for 14 years. Holli is also known for her dedication to retired racing greyhounds, having adopted several of these graceful canines over the years. In the 1990s, she took on the role of a writer and editor for "The Homestretch," a publication that catered to greyhound adopters, an opportunity she relished for a considerable duration.

Holli's talents go beyond the realm of pets. Her interests extend to knitting, a craft she passionately explores. She has shared her insights on knitting and exotic pets through her contributions to Additionally, Holli is a fervent sports enthusiast, rounding out her multifaceted personality.

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